Guildhall Christmas Market 25-26 November 2019

Dear Masters, Prime Wardens & Clerks,

A large thank you to those of you who were able to attend the Summer Drinks Guildhall Christmas Market launch, in support of the British Red Cross, last night. It was much appreciated. For those of you who were unable to attend we very much hope that you and your Livery Company will be able to get involved too.

As many of you know the Guildhall Christmas Market is a biennial event which takes place towards the end of November (this year the 25th-26th November 2019) in aid of the British Red Cross.

Please see the attached note regarding how your Livery Company may be involved in this significant event in the Livery Calendar. Any donations would equally be most welcomed. The website is:

It would be very helpful if the Clerks could please forward this to all members of their Livery Companies (as appropriate) and put the dates of this event, 25th-26th November, 2019, on your Livery websites. 

Best wishes as ever,

Alderman Alastair King

26th INTER LIVERY CLAY SHOOT   Wednesday 13th & Thursday 14th May 2020


Dear Clerk

We have great pleasure in announcing the dates for the 2020 Inter Livery Shoot at Holland and Holland.

The change of the format to a two day event was considered a great success by the participants of this year’s shoot, going forward we will be making a few more change to further and enhance the day’s experience.

So the DRAW for which day each Livery Company will shoot will be made on 1st October at the Gunmakers Company, Proof House by Adrian Mundin. the Clerk.

As last year, we will then write to you advising you which of the two days has been allocated to your company.

There are THREE changes of note:

1.    That we are only allowing initially FOUR teams per Livery Company to enter – This is because we want to allow more people from all Livery Company’s to participate and have had feed back to this effect. Those wishing more teams will be offered places once we have a clear idea as to the total attendance for each day.

2.    That due to the Dining Room having a limited seating capacity of 240 per day – and our wish that as many Liveryman shoot as possible – we are unable to offer Lunch to any non shooting Guests. 

The exception is any Prime Warden or Masters who wish to attend and they will be accommodated.

3.    Any  team that is successful in winning more than two disciplines overall in the two day competition will only be allowed to be awarded one of those team prizes  the runner’s up in the second discipline, will take that prize.  

There are other Team Prizes for 2020 which will allow more teams further down the line to win the opportunity to donate monies to Charities of their choice.

We look forward to welcoming your Liveryman back to Holland & Holland next year.

Kind regards

Chris Parr & Richard Ferrand

[email protected]         [email protected]

Organisers – The Inter Livery Shooting Competition.

Young Inter Liverymen & Freeman's Shoot  Saturday 16th May 2020


Dear Clerk

We have great pleasure in announcing the launch of a third days shooting for the Livery and Freeman to shoot at Holland and Holland.

The purpose of this day is to encourage the participation of the UNDER 40 year olds both Liveryman & Freeman (ladies included) who are unable to make the weekday shoot due to work commitments.

The intention is to get the younger liverymen and freeman, more involved with not only their own Livery Company’s events, but increase the opportunities for them to get more involved in the Livery as a whole. 

The day will be more relaxed than the main Inter Livery Shoot – starting later and with an informal BBQ lunch. We are encouraging wives \ partners and children over 9 years to come as well and will have a separate children’s shooting competitions. 

All that said – we need a minimum number of teams of 4 to make it work – circa 30 teams.

As ever there is an associated cost – but we have held last years price for this new event at £195.00 per gun making a Team £780.00.

The purpose of this email is to ask you to please be in touch with your younger Liveryman and Freeman to test the potential take up of this day. I would be grateful for some feed back in that you “might” be able to field one or two teams. We are sadly not able to proceed without some assurance that there is sufficient demand. Assuming this is successful it will become an annual event. 

We will be writing separately regarding the main competition which is of course happening again.

Kind regards

Chris Parr & Richard Ferrand

[email protected]      [email protected]

Organisers – The Inter Livery Shooting Competition.

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