11 October 2019:

Please find below the October edition of the Livery Committee’s newsletter Livery Briefing.

The Livery Committee has also agreed that a summary note from each of its meetings should be circulated to all Clerks, for information and to keep you up-to-date on the committee’s considerations, which is attached below.

Events during William Russell’s Mayoralty
Raising funds for The Lord Mayor’s Appeal three charity partners –
Place2Be, OnSide Youth Zones, and Samaritans
For more information on the charities please click here"

"Month"    "Day/Date"                "Time"                          "Event"                             "Venue"
"November"    "Tuesday 26"    "6.30pm –8.30pm"    "Voices of London Poetry Evening"                                                                                                                                                             "Mansion House"

"January"    "Friday 24"    "6.30pm -midnight"    "Lord Mayor’s Highland Ball"    "Mansion House"

"February"    "Thursday 27"    "6.30pm –11pm"    "Call My Wine Bluff Dinner"    "Mansion House"

"March"    "Wednesday 25"    "6.30pm –11pm"    "Lord Mayor’s Race Night"    "Mansion House"

"May"    "Tuesday 5"             "6.30pm-11pm"             "London Market Dinner"    "Guildhall"

"*May"    "Thursday 21"       "6.30pm"           "Honey Dinner and Auction"    "Mansion House"

"June"    "Monday 15"               "8.00am-5pm"        "Golf Day"                 "The Berkshire Golf Club"

"September"    "Friday 18"        "7pm-midnight"            "Sheriffs’ Ball"           "Guildhall"

"November"    "Thursday 5"    "7.00pm –11pm"         "Grand Finale"           "Guildhall"

"For further information on any of the above events please contact The Lord Mayor’s Appeal team either via email [email protected] or on 020 7332 1582 or visit the website Events"

"*This event is raising funds for Bees in Development with 10% of net proceeds going to The Lord Mayor’s Appeal"


Dear Modern Company Clerk,

During the past year I have been compiling an Archive of all known past masters of the 110 livery companies (and the Parish Clerks and Watermen).

Whilst this project can never be fully complete, I am happy to report that every company, bar one, has now provided at least some of your past masters' names (or I have sourced the information from elsewhere), and hence my work is done (all the 2019 masters are now included).

I am grateful to those  of you, or your assistants and/or archivists, who have been able to help me. Of course the resulting database (Excel spreadsheet) is not for my own personal interest (though it has provided plenty) - I hope it will provide information and be of help to historians, genealogists and archivists, as well as to those with a more contemporary interest in the history of their recent past masters/prime wardens. 

But with 111 companies listed, and modern companies back to your formation, and some ancient ones back to the middle ages, beware there is a daunting amount of data listed (including monarchs, lord mayors, sheriffs, prime ministers etc). However, it is arranged for ease of sorting and searching by surname, and will repay a little patience by those less familiar with Excel spreadsheets. 

The Archive spreadsheet is on line at http://www.liverycompanies.info/a-z-list-of-companies/past-masters-archive.html, from where it may be downloaded.

The purpose of this email to you is to suggest/request that in your next communication or newsletter (or similar) to your livery, you may care to alert them to the existence of the Archive. Past masters and wardens, and archivists, may be particularly interested. You may wish to place a link at your own website.

Should you have difficulty downloading the Excel spreadsheet, please email me to request a copy - [email protected]

I should perhaps add that this archive does not purport to be the definitive record of past masters - clearly that responsibility lies with your own company - it is simply a readily available resource for an initial search by name. However, if you (or your archivist) see errors, please tell me. 

Thank you, and Happy New Year


Nigel R Pullman

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