Dear Modern Company Clerk,

During the past year I have been compiling an Archive of all known past masters of the 110 livery companies (and the Parish Clerks and Watermen).

Whilst this project can never be fully complete, I am happy to report that every company, bar one, has now provided at least some of your past masters' names (or I have sourced the information from elsewhere), and hence my work is done (all the 2019 masters are now included).

I am grateful to those  of you, or your assistants and/or archivists, who have been able to help me. Of course the resulting database (Excel spreadsheet) is not for my own personal interest (though it has provided plenty) - I hope it will provide information and be of help to historians, genealogists and archivists, as well as to those with a more contemporary interest in the history of their recent past masters/prime wardens. 

But with 111 companies listed, and modern companies back to your formation, and some ancient ones back to the middle ages, beware there is a daunting amount of data listed (including monarchs, lord mayors, sheriffs, prime ministers etc). However, it is arranged for ease of sorting and searching by surname, and will repay a little patience by those less familiar with Excel spreadsheets. 

The Archive spreadsheet is on line at, from where it may be downloaded.

The purpose of this email to you is to suggest/request that in your next communication or newsletter (or similar) to your livery, you may care to alert them to the existence of the Archive. Past masters and wardens, and archivists, may be particularly interested. You may wish to place a link at your own website.

Should you have difficulty downloading the Excel spreadsheet, please email me to request a copy - [email protected]

I should perhaps add that this archive does not purport to be the definitive record of past masters - clearly that responsibility lies with your own company - it is simply a readily available resource for an initial search by name. However, if you (or your archivist) see errors, please tell me. 

Thank you, and Happy New Year


Nigel R Pullman

Message from St Paul's Cathedral Staff

Dear Commander Gibbs

Happy Easter! We felt that this week was a good time to write to the Livery Companies of the City of London and to wish you, the Chartered Architects a happy and peaceful season. Please do feel free to share this email with your Company members if you feel it is appropriate.

Happy and peaceful are not words that sit very easily with us at the moment in the uncertain world that we now inhabit but we know that time will move on and as HM The Queen so movingly said “we will meet again”. Easter remains for us a season of joy and, although the Cathedral is closed for public worship, services are being said daily by the ministers in their houses and your Company is remembered in our prayers.

It was sad that the United Guilds Service was unable to take place this year – is this the first year that it has been cancelled, I wonder? We will need the energy, the strength and the confidence that is on display in that service even more as we move head in the coming months. I know that this great event was first started by Sir Winston Churchill in the dark days of the Second World War and it seems to me that we, like him, should not be prepared to admit defeat. The United Guilds Service will happen again and we will make it even more splendid next time.

As a ‘beacon of hope’ St Paul’s is making sure that we provide as much support as we can.  The Music Department has established a wonderful ‘Choir of The Nation’ – with people joining in hymn singing around the country and our next event like this will be on St George’s Day. Our Schools and Family Learning Department have devised a digital story telling support system and our Adult Learning Department is ensuring that we can all gain digital access to our recorded talks and lectures.  

We are also planning for the future and are in conversation regarding an online virtual Memorial Book for the Nation and – on that longed for day when we are out of lockdown – a set of special services in the Cathedral to help people come to terms with their experiences and losses.

Finally, I want to take this opportunity to thank the Chartered Architects for the support that they show to charities and worthy causes. Sometimes the Livery are rather modest at blowing their own trumpets about just how much support they provide but we want you to know that we realise what you do, appreciate it and are grateful.

There is a special link between the Liveries and St Paul’s Cathedral – we are your Cathedral. We want you to know that we are very much still here and praying for you all.

With every good wish

Andrew Carwood

Director of Music

Andrew Carwood 

Director of Music

The Chapter House

St Paul's Churchyard



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