WCCA Covid-19 Contingency Planning Advice for Members  

Business Continuity Plan

In view of the current perceived threat from Covid-19 (Coronavirus), it has been decided that the Company should have some form of contingency planning in place in case of disruption caused by the proliferation of the virus.   This contingency planning will be updated as necessary in the future to retain as a Company Business Continuity Plan (BCP).  Nothing in this BCP is intended to direct members to participate in any event for which they feel uncomfortable to attend or at which they believe they might be exposed to the virus. 
General Administration.
The Clerk and Assistant Clerk are both home-workers on part-time contracts, and there should be no break in continuity of operations if either are required to self-isolate.  Clearly if either or both contract the virus there will be a break in continuity while they recover.  All the current systems are online and interfaced through the Internet, and assuming that that is maintained, the Company can continue to work seamlessly. 
Issues that would be affected by isolation would be physical mailing out of any information, administrative items, banking etc, but this would only be for a maximum of 2 weeks for either of the Clerking staff are ill so should not be over-bearing.

The Clerk, Assistant Clerk and Beadle all use public transport to get to meetings/events in the City and environs, so if there are national restrictions on use of such systems, including the London Underground, it is likely that none of the staff could attend Company Events or other required activities.
The events page on the website will be maintained by the Clerking Team, with the expectation that all planned events will take place.  All events will be reviewed on a case by case basis, and information about their status will be placed in the header and the information box for the event on the website.  The Supplier Cancellation Policy for the next two Court Events has been checked and is held by the Clerk. 
In the event of cancellation of an event, every participant will be emailed and requested to respond that they have received the cancellation.  In the event on non-response, the Clerking team will contact members directly to confirm that have received the information and are aware of the status of the event.

Actions at Events.
Shared cups will no longer be used (e.g. Loving Cups).  Shaking hands is at personal discretion but a greeting nod is acceptable.  Kissing is discouraged.  (The Lord Mayor has apparently just taken to elbow bumping as a greeting!)
Court Meetings and other Committee Meetings.
Whilst every effort will be made to conduct these meeting in accordance with the planned dates, if there is a need to cancel them, the fall-back position is to conduct the meeting by either emailing or using dropbox to send briefing documents on each subject, for which members of the Court/Committee will send their comments to the Clerk for collation, and production of a Collated Brief on each topic for final email agreement. Nil returns by due dates will be determined to be concurrence.
The use of collaborative tools (Microsoft Teams, Skype, Conferencing, Facebook Chat etc.) will be investigated, but these may be unwieldy for large meetings.
Refund Policy.
In normal circumstances, the Company refund policy is that once an event has passed the final date for confirmation, refunds are only given in exceptional circumstances.  For the purposes of this plan, exception circumstances will prevail where the Company is forced to cancel an event by an external authority, or by the planned venue having to cancel for internal reasons.  In this event, refunds will be made, subject to a proportion of costs that may need to be paid for services already rendered by the venue.
Overseas Event in Lisbon, Portugal.
The Master’s Weekend in Portugal has been cancelled and refunds made to all those who signed up to the event.

The Company will continue to operate to best of its ability and is in a strong position to react to relevant Government and Medical advice. Members will be kept informed as quickly as possible as to any proposed changes in events and plans.

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