Protocols for Video/Tele-conferencing:
1) get dressed!  

2) a plain wall/background is best, in a room where you can be alone. Shut the door so you don't get small children/dogs distracting the meeting

3) use mute other than when you are speaking

4) some people like to use headphones so other noise doesn't distract you

5) allow 5 minutes clear at the start to allow everyone to join

6) ask each person to introduce themselves so you can gauge volume etc. There can be delays on the line so everyone might just need to take just a bit more time to listen

7) Respect the Chairman.

8) If the Chairman invites people to speak, it means participants should not cut across each either.

9) For video conference, participants can raise their hand, or a piece of paper.

10) For teleconference, a good Chairman will go to each participant checking for their views. It does take longer but it works.

11)  The meetings will not be recorded.  The Clerk will minute the meeting.

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