The Barbican estate can divide opinion - for some a concrete nightmare, for others a unique example of post war redevelopment, now rightly Grade II listed. Whatever your view, there is much to explore and intrigue. Come and discover Roman remains, one of the few late medieval churches in the City, understand what the Blitz meant to this part of London, and encounter the vision of an integrated community. Add in one of Europe‚Äôs largest arts centres, together with a tranquil lake, fountains and gardens, and your idea of the concrete jungle may change! 

About Courtney

She qualified as a City of London guide in 2019 and with the City of Westminster in 2020, and was part of the group delivering the Cultural Corridor walks in 2020 that combined both boroughs. In 2019 she took a rather large (those were the days) group around the Barbican for Open House and in 2020 for Open House was part of a group offering what proved to be a very popular walk, both then and on-going, entitled Slavery and the City, which we also later offered virtually. She is presenting a virtual tour for Friends of City churches in the Spring, and is also a Billingsgate bath house guide.

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