'’That the natural world is resilient gives me great hope. Technology also offers hope, that revolutionary ways will be found to store and transmit energy from renewable sources, doing away with any need to burn fossil fuels. Neither is it too late to choose the future we want if we act now – and act together. There is a shift worldwide. More people than ever are aware of the problems – and the solutions. So, we must back the leaders who are prepared to do something and pressure those who are not.’’ Sir David Attenborough

What is The Paternoster Pavilion?

A temporary structure exploring innovative ways to address the impact of buildings on the environment, installed in Paternoster Square, one of the City of London’s most iconic, historic locations.

What do we imagine when we think of an eco-house? An insulated, solar-powered new-build? An old building recycled for a new use?  The Worshipful Company of Chartered Architects (WCCA) plans to launch a competition to build a temporary pavilion in the heart of the City of London, in Paternoster Square, to inspire people to consider the future of sustainable living.

The catalyst for the initiative has been the Lord Mayor, the City of London’s Climate Action Strategy Group, along with the WCCA’s ongoing sustainability theme. The City has a history of enlightened patronage when it comes to environmental leadership and design – the square mile features some of the UK’s most advanced buildings and is home to world leaders in green finance. The WCCA aims to unite the two, while showcasing its public activities and role in promoting high-quality architecture. 

The Design Competition 

While the brief is highly flexible, the starting point is the house – architects are being asked to consider living, dining, kitchen, bedroom and circulation spaces. The challenge for participants is to combine new thinking in architecture with the latest technologies to create a memorable, engaging structure. Designs might address local sourcing, efficient materials, low operational and embodied carbon, recyclability, reducing plastic waste, social health and well-being, or a combination of issues.

The Opportunity 

With its high-profile location in the shadow of St Paul’s Cathedral, the competition is expected to draw an impressive calibre of submissions and attract national and international attention. The pavilion, which will be installed for three months in Summer/Autumn 2023, is likely to welcome more than 100,000 visitors and could be relocated to other cities as part of a touring programme.
At this stage, we are seeking sponsors to work with us to take the project forward. This is the first time a pavilion has been installed on this prominent site – it represents a unique, high-profile opportunity to gain significant commercial exposure in the City’s global business community. We are looking for ambitious partners that share our commitment to showcasing innovative solutions that help address the urgent challenge of climate change. 

Sponsorship packages 

As metals are determined to have value depending on their abundance. Precious metals are of course worth more the less ‘available’ they are. The precious metals include iridium, rhenium, ruthenium, rhodium, palladium, osmium, platinum, silver and gold. Of these nine precious metals, platinum is considered the most abundant.
Here is our list of precious metals in order of sponsorship values:

Rhodium £200,000
One sponsor covers it all and gets shared use of the pavilion for events and access to the Temple Bar facilities amongst other benefits.
The most valuable of all precious metals is rhodium. This silvery-coloured metal is extremely rare and is used commonly for properties of being able to reflect. It has a very high ability of being able to tolerate corrosive objects without getting affected and has a melting point that is quite high. The largest producers are Canada, Russia and South Africa.

Platinum £100,000 
Multiple sponsors share the support across 3-4 tiers, access to organising one event at the pavilion, a mention in the programme and a logo on the website.
Platinum is next in line among the precious metals and is known for being non-corrosive and dense. It has become popular for being very malleable. This metal is not unlike palladium in the way it withstands hydrogen in vast amounts.

Gold £50,000
Multiple sponsors Shared use of the pavilion for events, a mention in the programme and a logo on the website.
When it comes to investment options, gold remains to be the most popular among metals. It is malleable, durable and desirable. It is separated by panning and mining from minerals and rocks that surround it. The largest producers are China, Australia, the United States and South Africa.

Silver £30,000 
Multiple sponsors shared use of the pavilion for events, a mention in the programme and a logo on the website.
Silver has the best thermal and electrical conductivity as well as the lowest resistance for contact among the other precious metals. Chile, Mexico, China and Peru are the biggest producers of silver.

Indium £5,000 
Multiple sponsors shared use of the pavilion for events, a mention in the programme and a logo on the website.
Along with copper, iron and lead ores, Indium is produced from processing zinc-ore and is considered a rare metal. In its most pure form, it is white in colour and is extremely malleable and shiny.

Carol Service & Christmas Social

This year the Service will be held at St Michael Paternoster Royal, followed by a reception at Temple Bar
8 Dec 2022 6:00pm

Elizabeth Line "Practice Visit"

Join Chris Williamson on a tour of the Paddington and Woolwich Elizabeth Line Stations
12 Dec 2022 5:30pm

Quarterly Committee Day

13 Dec 2022 9:00am

Connecting Heritage Buildings with the Community in the 21st Century

Presented by Jonathan Louth, Arconsulting Practice Principal, Grinling Gibbons Modern Legacy Project Advisor
17 Jan 2023 6:00pm

Annual Banquet

at Fishmonger's Hall
24 Jan 2023 6:15pm

Quarterly Committee Day

14 Mar 2023 9:00am

Annual Lecture 2023 - **SAVE THE DATE**

We are delighted to announce that WCCA Honorary Liveryman, Professor Jan Gehl will be giving the 2023 Annual Lecture
30 Mar 2023 6:30pm

Master's Domestic Day Trip 2023 - **SAVE THE DATE**

A cultural and architectural tour of Spitalfields & Shoreditch
2 Apr 2023 10:00am

Accounts Court Lunch

To be held at Watermens' Hall **SAVE THE DATE **
25 Apr 2023 12:30pm

Master's Overseas Trip - GENOA

Event Fully Booked - Waiting List Available
11 May 2023 10:00am

Quarterly Committee Day

13 Jun 2023 9:00am

Annual Awards Dinner

To be held at Apothecaries' Hall ** SAVE THE DATE **
12 Jul 2023 6:00pm

Quarterly Committee Day

12 Sep 2023 9:00am
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