How you become a member of the Company

The Company welcomes all applications for membership from registered architects and others committed to the promotion of architecture and the built environment generally.. Membership of the Company follows the pattern of Modern Livery Companies in the City of London.

The Company admits new freemen by one of three livery methods:
patrimony (through previous membership of either their father or mother), or;
redemption (by paying a “fine”), or;
servitude, that is by serving an apprenticeship (being a student or apprentice).  

For most applicants, redemption is the usual way of joining. For this, both the one-off “admission fine” and annual “quarterage” are on a sliding scale according to age, in addition all members make regular contributions to the Company’s Charitable Trust. Details of these costs are below. Students and younger applicants interested in becoming a student or an apprentice should contact our Clerk to find out more about the special membership offers available to them. 

The first step in joining the Company’s livery is for you to apply to receive the Freedom of the Company. Application form can be downloaded above.

A proposer and seconder for your application will be required, and our Clerk will be happy to assist you in this should you not know any members. Once you have applied, you will be invited for a brief, informal introductory chat with the Master & Wardens prior to formal admission.

You will then be asked to attend a meeting of the Company’s Court to receive the Freedom of the Company, you will then, with the help of our Clerk, apply to the City of London to become a freeman of the City. Armed with the freedom of the City, you will be invited to attend a second Court meeting, this time to become and be welcomed as a liveryman, or “full” member of the Company.

Should you have any queries on the procedure for membership then please contact our Clerk whose contact details are on the form and she will be happy to run through any queries you might have.

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