Audrey Hesse

Clerk to the Company of Chartered Architects Charitable Trust

E: [email protected]

The Company of Chartered Architects Trust Fund

(Registered No. 297190)

The Fund was set up in 1987 following its Approval by the Charity Commissioners and is administered by the Trustees. The Objects of the Fund are:
a. “the relief of poverty of persons generally and in particular of those persons engaged in the profession of Architecture and their dependants;
b. the advancement of education in any manner which now or hereafter may be deemed by law to be charitable of persons engaged or desiring to engage in the profession of Architecture or elsewhere in industry and commerce generally and to provide or contribute towards the provision of all requisite facilities in connection therewith;
c. charitable research in the field of the science, art and practice of architecture or otherwise for the advancement of the education of persons engaged or desiring to engage in the profession of Architecture provided that the useful results of such research shall be disseminated and without prejudice to the generality of foregoing the provision of financial support and facilities for those engaged in such research and the award of bursaries and awards in connection therewith;
d. to award to persons intending to be engaged in the profession of Architecture or elsewhere in the professions and commerce generally scholarships and exhibitions at any educational establishment approved by the Managing Trustees;
e. to make awards in connection with the examination of educational bodies;
f. to make awards in furthering the advancement of architectural standards;
g. to assist in general or professional or commercial education any persons in necessitous circumstances who are preparing to enter the profession of Architecture or commerce generally or other profession by the provision of books, the payment of fees and the defrayment of expenses of traveling or maintenance, or by such other means as the Managing Trustees may think fit
h. to make donations to any registered charity.”

The Trust fund quickly grew in size in its first years of existence due to many generous Donations from outside the Company as well as from Donations and Covenants from Members of the Company.

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